[BETA] 3D Bazaar 1.0.0-beta8

Here’s an update for 3D Bazaar that adds support for newer Mac computers with M1/M2 processors.

This is part of a global effort to make all our software products compatible with that new architecture. The next one to be supported will be Skatter, in a few days.

As this is still experimental, please let us know in the forums if you encounter issues.


  • 3D bazaar now supports newer Mac computers with M1/M2 chipsets.

Download: simply launch 3D Bazaar in SketchUp, you should get a notification that a new version is available. Click on “Install” and the 3D Bazaar will do the rest!

Just in case, here is the download link: https://files.getskatter.com/3dbazaar_1.0.0-beta8.rbz

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