Black texture


When applying a texture to the model, I get black material over the model.
UV is there, I checked it with Ultimate Unvraper 3d.
Transmutr 1.0.2
Sketchup 2018
Nvidia GTX880


Does this happen with all models and all texture files?
Can you send us a texture file causing this issue at [email protected]?



I tried with two and yes it does repeat itself.


Can you please send us a texture file causing this issue at [email protected]?




Thanks, we’ll look into it


@nlipovac We’re investigating this but if you urgently need to edit models with textures, you can reinstall the previous version of Transmutr (1.0.1) :


I’d like to report a similar bug, only slightly different : textures are only partially black, and some of them don’t show at all in the preview panel. Once imported in sketchup, everything is fine.

FBX file is from Vizpark, Transmutr version 1.0.2, on both sketchup 2018 and 2019


And one last capture to show that in my case it’s only a preview issue:


@nlipovac @Eqc

We just fixed the issue. Please download and re-install Transmutr and it should work.

Thanks for the quick feedback :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, thanks for the quick fix :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing around with Transmutr all weekend and it’s awesome.