Blank screen after transmutting

I’m getting a blank page after Transmutting. The version which I’m using is 1.0.6 trial.
transmutr.rar (4.2 KB)


Please go to “C:\Users\Krzyś\AppData\Local\Programs\Transmutr\resources\app.asar.unpacked_webpack\thea_templates”
And tell me what you see (or take a screenshot of the file list)

Hi Thomas. Screenshot below

Well, that is puzzling. The log says these files can’t be found, but clearly they exist.

Try these:

Unfortunately both solutions didn’t help so I’m uploading the .log file one more time.
transmutr.rar (13.8 KB)

Any ideas?

Hi @kuczek

Do you use an antivirus program such as Avast or Windows Defender?

If so, please try to disable it while using Transmutr to see if this fixes the issue (sometimes antivirus programs restrict access to files in an unexpected manner).

Just a thought, the combination of non-ASCII characters in the username and certain language settings in windows (related to ANSI code pages) are toxic in a c++ setting and renders exactly these kinds of problems.

@kuczek Good news, we finally found an explanation for this bug. The fix will be included in the next release of Transmutr (1.1.1).

(By the way @CAUL it was indeed related to text encoding: it was due to some third-party library that we rely on that does not play well with non-ASCII paths)

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