Blank screen in SU2021

Wwohoo i started trying this out with the adaptation of wparallax to blender and wished so much for this to exist someday in SketchUp! This is amazing Thomas! i´m really excited about it! i just installed it and restarted SU and the window is blank. is it not live yet? or is it a bug? Thakns so much for inviting me to test it i´m thrilled to try it out.


What is your SketchUp version?
You are on Windows, right?

yes 2021, win 10

sorry i flipped i accidentally on the editor but this is how it opens, no messages on the ruby console just blank screen, i restated, tried reloading it but it just stays blank. room editor does show some animation.

Can you try this to make sure there is no message even when the extension is first initialized?

  1. Close and reopen SketchUp
  2. Immediately open the Ruby Console
  3. Try to open the RoomBox library

just did that a couple of times, no results on fresh sketchup with ruby console started before roombox

Hi @juancarlosestereovis and thanks for the first RoomBox bug report!

Could you please send us your log file to [email protected] when you have a moment? (The log file should be located at C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/RoomBoxForSketchup/RoomBoxForSketchup.log)

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Sure Thing! here they are, Thanks Merwan!
Room_test.skp (77.6 KB) RoomBoxForSketchup.rar (4.4 KB)

Thanks for the files.
Unfortunately, they did not contain much data about that particular issue.

Could you try the following steps?

  • Open the library (in your case it should be blank)
  • Right-click anywhere in it and select “Show dev tools”
  • In the new window that should have opened, go in the “Console” tab

Are there any red error messages here?

Hi Merwan! yes it does here it is. i hope it´s useful

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Thank you for that screenshot. We’re investigating.

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Thanks! i installed it on a 2020skp on another computer in my office and it throwed the same js error and the blank screen.

So after a few tests, it seems that the issue appears on SketchUp 2020 & 2021 but not on 2022.
We’re working on a fix.

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I can confirm that we fixed the issue, so it should work better in the next update.
Thanks for the feedback!

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Cool! i´m glad you guys could fix it! Thanks! Can´t wait to try it out!

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Hi @juancarlosestereovis, that bug should now be fixed in the latest beta.


Works perfectly now, will start testing today!