[BUG] Editing skattergroup refresh doesnt make generate button active

Skatter 1.41.
OSX 10.11.6

When using none render only option and editting the skatter group. When i press preview i see it changes the settings and gives the random outcome. However the generate button isnt active but i can press it. But when its pressed the generated group is back like it was in the beginning. THe first time it is, but if i press refresh again its not active and when generate is pressed it returns to starting point.

Yes, doing the same steps

No ruby error

Also when i use render only preview and see the changes. The preview is different then from what is generated then, it reverts back to the starting point

Does it happen in every file? If not, can you send me this specific file?

Made a new file with simple components and this one works just fine. The other scene shows different skatter each time i press preview, while the other scene doesnt do that. The one with the colored rectangles i need to change a attribute in order to see a change.

Correctly working scene

Problem scene

Both links are the same?

sorry, here’s the scene where it works correct

Thomasz, im still seeing this issue in rv 1.4.1, i want to add when i do edits and cancel the skatter group is is beeing deleted. Cmd + Z returns it for me though luckily.

But when i have the render only unchecked, generate button seems like inactive but is still clickable ofcourse.
Weird thing is when i like a preview and click generate, its keep changing so i never now what i will get.

Why cant we work on settings while keeping the look, cant we do a soft refresh or per panel refresh, so if you like the size and rotation, but want to work on the numbers etc you can only update these parts kepping the size and rotation the same.

I’ve tried to reproduce this issue for the last couple of days, without success.
Do you have access to another OSX machine?

Do you have a dual boot on your Mac, to test on Windows?

I got an other mac, but that’s broken. I do have parallel desktop but i don’t have su for that.

I ll check if i can mimic it with a simple scene.

PS i didn’t receive a notification from your answer, i just checked this forum and noticed i got some notifications. Yet i didn’t receive an email about it

Ok I’ll wait for your file. Thanks

Same for me, I’m not sure why this happens, it started after an update. I’ll check with Discourse.
EDIT : Turns out the notification issue was due to me after all. A problem with my email provider… It should be fixed now.