buy a licence for trasnmutur 2

Hi Lindale

I want to buy a licence for trasnmutur 2, when do you think i can pay for that?, i have already the money to pay a perpetual licence.

Can i pay as advacend payment so when trasnmutur 2 came i already have the new version.??

For me it is better to avoid trasnmutur 1 since 2 is coming soon

Also i would like to try the new transmutur 2 in beta version

Thanks Lindale

Hi Luis,

It’s not yet possible to purchase Transmutr v2.
People who purchase v1 in the last months prior to the release of v2 will have v2 for free. And there will be a progressive discount for people having purchased v1 even earlier.
Or if you purchase an Annual license, it will be upgraded automatically.

We’ll keep your name in mind for the beta test :wink:

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Perhaps, can you reveal the approximate release date of Transmutr2?

We do not know ourselves, sorry.