Can NOT get materials to show in Sketchup

So this is a file we got from DRONEDEPLOY we want to import it and its textures into Sketchup but we have tried 4 times and NO luck. Have watched the tuts but still no textures appear. Looking at buying a licence IF we can get this to work as have many more DRONE site surveys to model up. thx

Mac Pro late 2013, Monterey, SKUP PRO 22.0.353
Transmute 1.2.9

I replied to your email.

I have had this issue with OBJ files. Check the .mtl by opening it in Notepad and see how those textures are treated. Might be a path issue or sometimes I have received OBJ files and no maps are applied to them, just generic material designations. In the latter situation, I would think it’s all about how the OBJ file is being exported. This is my experience.

Yes, typically OBJ problem. What I do is export to FBX if I have control over the source side; if not, I open the OBJ in 3dsMAX, make an asset tracking and if the maps are tagged as missing, I relink to the correct folder path, and then re-export as FBX towards Transmutr. That’s one thing why I must learn how to do this manipulation in Blender or other free 3D package :smiley: