Cannot download rooms (invalid EXR file)

just downloaded this and am so excited! Unfortunately I keep getting a download error concerning the EXR file and i cant place rooms.

Does this happen with just this one room, or any room from the library?

@Jason_Jackson Also, is there a file at the location shown in the error? If yes, can you send it to us? ([email protected])

This happens with most rooms. Some rooms will generate a file, most do not. If I get the option to place a room the blue box will show up in Sketchup but I am unable to actually place the room.

See attached file. Hope this helps and thank you!

(Attachment Lindale_Livingroom_02_Night_1K.exr is missing)

@Jason_Jackson Thanks for the file. It seems that the downloaded file is not an image file at all.

If I open it in a text editor, I see some text that contains “Page not allowed by your provider” and some references to a “Webroot” antivirus.

Is that antivirus installed on your computer? You could try disabling it temporarily to see if it fixes the issue.