Cannot export model (4.1 MB)

FYI. And I have attach the original FBX file. I guess it may be caused by Chinese characters in the file.

I can’t reproduce the issue with the file you sent.

Does it work if you export directly to the root of C:/ ?

Please send us your log file to [email protected]
You can find it by clicking on the Gear icon, then “Open log folder”

Not shure if it’s the exactly same issue, but it may help you if it is. I’ve encountered a similar issue and I solved it converting my fbx using autodesk free fbx converter. It’s an old free tool from autodesk. I converted my fbx file to the latest version available, wich is 2013.2 I guess, and it worked. (364.3 KB)

I have attached the log file, thanks for support.

Could I have the link of the ‘old free tool from autodesk’ ?

For now, I use the export way contained in 3DS Max 2017 originally.

Thanks for the log file.

Does this happen with every file, or just this one?

Try this one: (3.9 KB)

Just this one. And I try the box.fbx you have attached, it’s ok on my PC.

Sorry for the late reply. If you haven’t found yet, here’s the link:

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Many thanks, I’ll try.

I have tried the Fbx converter, and convert the file to latest version 2013.2. However, it can’t export skp file, too.

@Thomas Could you help to handle this? I have attached the max file with mail, and sent to the [email protected]

As we are not able to reproduce the issue, we need you to test these 4 FBX files, and report which work and which don’t: