Cannot load file: OBJ: Invalid face indice


I have the trial version of Transmutr and have tried to import various files to evaluate. I’m trying to open obj files from the website name, However, all obj files do not open with Transmutr and it gives the following error message: “Cannot load file:OBJ: Invalid face indice”. Can anyone tell me why? I have attached the screenshot of the error and the link to the website.


Hi @Coungmi

Could you send one of the models to [email protected] so that we can investigate?

Hi Merwan,

I would like to make sure you got my email with the obj model file to [email protected].


Yes, we received the file. Thanks!


I took a look at your file and it’s not loaded because models from do not contain any faces, they only contain splines, and Transmutr is designed to work with surfaces.

We’ll fix the error message but unfortunately Transmutr won’t be able to load such models.

Thank you for your investigation. I will note your commentary.