Cannot run installer [antivirus issue]

I tried to install the transmutr_setup_0.2.1.exe Windows Defender and then avast prevents it from opening. When I “trust this file” it throws an error on my windows 10 machine "windows cannot access the specified device, you may not have the approporiate permissions to access the item."
Any advice ?
Maybne you should sign your exe files so anti viruses will teat them better?

Hi @dascorp

Yes, antivirus softwares often flag Tranmutr as malware, which is a real pain. We’ll use a proper certificate for the official release so that users don’t have to jump through hoops just to install Transmutr.

As for your problem, this seems like a generic Windows error that happens when a file gets unexpectedly moved to another location (probably because of the antivirus quarantine mechanism).

Windows Defender should be ok. I’m not familiar with Avast. You could try to disable it temporarily during the install and see if this works.

Yep it was put into quarantine. All good now