Can't export models to Transmutr using Sketchup plugin

I’m suddenly experiencing a problem with Transmutr plugin within Sketchup. Transmutr window shows up, but that’s it. No model is exported. After that, I get a popup withing SU: Sketchup cannot connect to Transmutr . Try changing port… (doesn’t work).
Firewall settings seems to be ok.
This happened in the middle of my work. One moment it was working, then it didn’t.

Ruby Console:
“C:\Users\kobyl\AppData\Local\Programs\Transmutr\transmutr.exe” --port 1200
Transmutr connecting to local port 1200…
Transmutr connected
Sending to Transmutr “{“type”:“messageFromHost”,“data”:{“message”:“sketchupConnected”,“content”:true}}”…
Received message from Transmutr: {“message”:“canTheaConvertXML”}
Transmutr: Thea not active, or too old
Sending to Transmutr “{“type”:“messageFromHost”,“data”:{“message”:“theaCanConvertXML”,“content”:false}}”…

PS. I don’t use Thea but Vray Next (if this refers to the rendering engine).

You may have another instance of Transmutr running, or that didn’t close properly.

Does it still happen after a reboot?

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Fortunately, today the plugin works again. But it could have started like that - I was working with couple of different components. I rebooted a couple of times and it didn’t help. But I forgot, that restarting via windows 10 does’t actually shut down the computer. I should have done a hard reset. Thanks.

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