Can't generate geometry in model

I think I am missing something very obvious, but I can’t find anything in the forum (I also watched a couple of youtube videos). I can’t generate any geometry (I would like to use the program without rendering but I need the geometry to be there…is that possible with this software?)

Thanks a lot.


(I did click “generate” and checked “In Model” but the moment I close the window, everything disappears).

on second thought I believe it’s a bug, it seems to create a locked, hidden geometry at the origin. Perhaps it is because I have sketch Up 2019?

Hi @debbio

I confirm that it should be totally possible to generate geometry in the model!

The steps that you describe seem correct.
However in the screenshot, the composition is set to “Render Only”.

Does it work if you click that switch and then generate again?

Please ignore that locked group. It’s a safety measure to keep the objects referenced in Render Only composition somewhere safe so that they are not lost when users purge the model. (This is another hint that your composition might be set to Render Only instead of In Model)

Hi Merwan,

Thank a lot for the very quick reply which is much appreciated as I am trying to decide if I want to take advantage of the current discount. Yes it was a rookie mistake on my part it seems.

Perhaps it’s just me, in that case feel free to ignore my suggestion, but I found that switch slightly confusing (I thought that being the switch on it would have been in the model). Now I understand perfectly.

Thanks a lot!

Good to hear it’s working now!

It’s true that this kind of switch, with icons at each extremity, is a bit unusual and can be confusing for newcomers. That’s something we’ll keep in mind while continuing to develop this UI. Thanks for the feedback…

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