cant save to sketchup

this file cant transmute to sketchup

plz help

Hi @Eric_Liao,

It seems that your model is very heavy and might have some corrupted data. It took several minutes to load it in Blender and most objects are missing.

Transmutr seems to be able to load it though.

When exporting to SketchUp, the export lasts for several minutes and then it freezes indefinitely. I suppose that the model is too heavy for SketchUp.

But if you use the Mesh simplification feature in Transmutr, the import works fine (here I used ~98% simplification).

this is what i saw still cant get the sketchup model…wonder which step i do wrong

Can you try an even higher simplification, such as 99.5% (would produce 350.000 triangles) and see if it works better?

If not, please send us to [email protected] the Transmutr.log file stored in your computer (Go to Transmutr settings > Open log folder to find it).