Check for Updates Button

Hi there,

I don’t know if anyone else experiences this but when there’s a new update for Skatter the little window will pop up to let me know and take me to the download page. The problem is I am usually right in the middle of something when it notifies me, so I just close the window and continue. Then when I do get time to update it I cant get that little window to pop up. I could obviously just go find the website on my own (which is what I normally do) but it would be great to do it within SketchUp (Thea has this and I LOVE it). Mainly because I’m usually updating all of my plugins at once. I know this is a very insignificant request but it might be useful to have a button to manually check if the plugin is up to date. Thanks.

The update popup opens once a day, not to be annoying.
I will think about a button for this.

Oh gotcha. That makes sense. Ok awesome. Thanks.