Clusters in V1

I’ve received an email one hour ago with the download links for the special edition of Skatter v1 with clustering.
If i remeber Clusters were in the previous version too. But not this is the point.
I want to ask you to make an tutorial on how to create clusters, as the attached image in the email ( doesn’t tell me much.
It will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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I’m not sure how to explain it better than with the images.

  • Clusters size controls the physical dimensions of the clusters/cells. For example, if you input 5 meters, the clusters will be roughly 5 meters wide. The actual size varies because there is randomness, but this gives the order of magnitude.
  • Blur controls how much the boundaries of a cluster blend with the neighboring clusters. Leave it to 0 if you want clusters with perfectly sharp edges. But generally, when doing vegetation for instance, we want to blur the edges.
  • Noise generates random noise in the distribution of objects. If you increase the noise above 0, some objects from one cluster will be randomly placed in another cluster. Again, this is quite useful when doing vegetation, as the separation is never 100%.