Color Codes per Skatter or Per Object inside a single/multi Skatter setup

Inspired on a recent Gallery entry featuring a nice idea with color boxes for plants on a skatter group (not render only). It would be cool if skatter would scatter color codes instead of the plain red displayed on render only Skatters.

Skatter 1 – Red
Skatter 2 – Yellow
Skatter 3 – Green… etc

If you’re working on a single skatter it could be

Skatter, Object 1 – Red
Skatter, Object 2 – Yellow
Skatter, Object 3 – Green… etc

This way we’d know wich object is wich. Rigth now it’s a bit difficult do distinguish box A from box B

I like this idea!


Yeah I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while. Thanks for reminding me :wink:

The only bad thing I’m thinking of regarding this FR is that ti would ruin Skatter logo design coherence, Would you go about colorizing your icon too?

Nice idea. hope . :wink:

That is a great idea, JQL.
Additionally, it would be nice to have control over which colour any given object / skatter is using (like the Layer Color in SketchUp)

About the logo: Definitely keep it (colouring it up would be bad. Would destroy its beautiful simplicity)

Yeah, about the logo I was just kidding…

JQL would like to change your name, is in coherence with the red from skatter

Yeah Rombout, I hate skaters! They often have bad hairjobs and dress funny! LOL