component with multi proxi no render in thea

SketchUp version : SU 2020
Skatter version : Version : 1.4.13 (Skatter dialog > Options > About) :
Windows 10 :
Description of the issue :
if the distributed object is a group or a component with several thea render proxies inside with a layer assigned to each there is no rendering.
Example I have a branch component, with a proxi for spring foliage, one for summer … for winter, with a layer of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The idea is to have a seasonal variation depending on the activated layer. If the sub-elements are not proxies it works!
Ideas ?
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Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? (If yes, how?) :
Error in Ruby Console? (Window > Ruby Console) : no error

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Hi Simon,

This sounds like an issue in Thea itself. Maybe there is some internal conflict when dealing with proxies in Skatter instances?
The data that Skatter sends to Thea is completely ignorant of what’s inside the scattered component/group, so it can’t be an issue in Skatter.

I suggest you contact the Thea developers directly. @tomasz is usually pretty responsive.

Some leads to explore:

  • Do you restart the render after changing the layers visibility?
  • Does it work with a single proxy in the component/group?

a simply proxy inside a compnent don’t be render !

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I open a post in thea render forum
I hope a solution.


Avec la nouvelle version de thea pour sketchup, voici un aperçu d’un rendu multisaison en activant le calque saison.
J’utilise un composant avec 4 sous composants affectés à un calque de saison.
J’utilise Skatter pour peupler une surface avec le composant dont j’ai réalisé 2 variantes.

With the new version of thea for sketchup, here is a preview of a multiseason rendering by activating the season layer.
I am using a component with 4 sub components assigned to a season layer.
I use Skatter to populate a surface with the component of which I made 2 variants.



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