Composition Manager - Regenerate All button

Would it be possible to have an optional re-generate button to refresh all active compositions?

The reason is that sometimes I have a series of compositions that use the Camera->Current view option so it would be convenient if there was a single re-generate button to press for each scene change.


This sounds like a reasonable request, we’ll discuss it :slight_smile:


Hi @samuelnorth
We discussed your idea and we’ll add it to a future update of Skatter.


Hi @merwan good news, thank you :+1:
Just a couple of extra thoughts:

Would it be more efficient if the regen was just for compositions with Current View + non-visible objects excluded or is that too specific?

It maybe be a bit to ambitious but I imagine a really neat solution would be if the render software (Thea in my case) could trigger the regen automatically, in particular for batch rendering

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That might be a bit too specific. We prefer to implement something that will serve a greater number of use cases :slight_smile:

We actually discussed this possibility. That would be quite convenient indeed.

One issue, though, is that some render engines do not provide means for us to detect when rendering starts (I’m not sure that Thea does). That’s something that we’ll investigate in the future but it’s unclear if we’ll be able to pull it off in a robust manner.


Thanks for adding the “regenerate All” button. It is pretty awesome!

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