Composition with skatter using to render without proxy

Hi Lindale something really strange happened some time ago

I was putting some moss from grasswald 1 to some space in the garden and the next time i opened the sketchup file, i work with vray 5, the file was spending 30 minutes…initializing vray scene: loading scene this is for vray until 30 min i can open the scene and render.

This happens every time i opened that scene it renders fine and work fine, the main issue is that it takes like 30 minutes to open vray.

Sketchup file kind of freezes until vray load the scene then i can use sketchup and i can use vray

I dont know what to do, i dont want to erase that work and do it again

I used ready to render because it takes less time to put the dry leaves in the composition.

It was a heavy skkater in the garden, since that vray 5 takes 30 min to load the scene and finally can use vray and sketchup but before that the scene freeze.

How can i fix it?


Did you load the moss assets as “Proxy” or “High-poly” from 3D Bazaar?

I downloaded like a proxy from 3d bazar Thomas

Also this hapened after 30 min of wait then sketchup and vray works

Sorry for the delay, we were away from office for a seminar for a few days.

Does it happen in a new file with the same Graswald asset?
Did you generate using “Render-only”?

Hi Thomas

It only happened in a proyect and i used the option render only, with proxy took takes so much time, it is faster with render only, but since that the proyect takes 30 min to open with sketchup pro 2021 and vray 5.1

It was a heavy skkater so i used render only, i never use this tool Thomas i always use the proxy option, but since it tooked so much time with proxy, i decided to use the render only, i believe the big delay is for that


Could you send the project file to [email protected]?