Computer Crash Skatter & VRAY at Building Embree Static Accelerator

I am having a consistent issue with Skatter and VRAY where it is crashing my computer every time I try to render grass on a specific terrain. I believe this is a memory issue but my computer has handled rendering larger Skatters previously, however, when this hits ‘Building! Embree Static Accelerator’ the computer freezes every time, requiring a restart.

I am trying to place some grass and border grass from presets onto a terrain created with Toposhaper, with a path cut through it using intersect faces.

I have attempted with the skatter presets medium grass (large) and medium grass (border), and then with a preset that I have created that mimics the preset grass with some download grass geometry. I am using render only as it is not suitable to have the objects on the terrain in the project. I have used both full geometry and proxies(where there is a stated bug).

10796 Objects - Grass
1841 Objects - Border Grass with 2 faces selected with paint area include used to specify the area.

I have attempted to render with CPU & CUDA on low quality, Bucket rendering, 800 x 450.

I have extracted the terrain from the project file to its own file.

I have tried this on two program setups:

Sketchup 2020
VRAY 4.20
Skatter 1.4.20

Sketchup 2021
VRAY 5.00.03
Skatter 1.4.20

My computer spec is
Intel I9-9900K
Windows 10 Home Version 1909

I have updated, Sketchup, Skatter, VRAY and Windows.

The crash persists.

Is my computer not up to the task of rendering that much Grass? Or may there be another issue?

Im now at a loss as to what to problem solve next and would be grateful for help.

This is not a huge amount of objects, your machine should be able to render this just fine.
There must be another issue. Could you send me the terrain file?