Conversion of frozen displacemnet map from Modo 801

Hello everyone,

for what it’s worth, here my first positive experience with Transmutr.

I am a set designer and was tasked with the creation of a small rock wall for a set we are building next week.

Instead up sculpting the wall, I decided to use an adequate texture, displace it in Modo 801 (displacement map created in Crazy Bump), freeze the geometry (1.5 million polygons) and export to Transmutr.

This worked like a charm, though FBX and OBJ formats did not manage to open the file created by Modo, the DAE file came in fine and created a useable SKP file with just 30000 polys in no time.


For reference I created a link to the files that didn’t open as well as the resulting rock wall.
Rock Wall Assets

Nice! I’m glad you’re getting good results :wink:

I tested your files, and actually the FBX and OBJ do work, but the model is so big that the camera is too far away, and the model is hidden by the camera clipping plane (similar to what we see in SketchUp when we zoom too close).
We’ll try to improve it to avoid this issue.
If you set the ‘Origin’ to ‘Center’ and zoom in, you’ll see your model appear.

Great advice!

Thank you Thomas.