Convert a group to skatter object

Hey. There is one more wish.
I would like to be able to convert a group with nested components inside it to a scatter object.

For example. I have a big wall, and I want to make of bricks real geometry.
I need precision to make the bricks beautifully connected.

But when I finished this wall is very heavy for the sketch. It would be great to be able to convert it into a skatter considering the rotation and scaling of the elements.

Or parking. I do not want two yellow Cadillac standing side by side. I put 500 machines on parking, and I want converted them into skatter

So you want access to the automated randomization of Skatter, but with already placed objects?

Something like converting to a Points Set?

Yes. exactly.
This will help to make a random shift. Random rotation and random replacement of these objects. And also most importantly - the option “Render only” will help to simplify heavy scenes.