Copy skatter from one skp file to an other?


I have just purchased the “green wall” objects / tutorial on gumroad and have created a wall by following the tutorial.

Then I wanted to import this green wall into an other project, but then it seems i loose the skatter setup?

I guess I’m doing something wrong here, but what?

As this won’t work, I save the settings in file A, and then import the settings in file B and selects the imported green wall objects. It works, but I guess there is a smarter way to do this.


You mean by “save setting”, making a preset right? I think that is the way to go. I dont think the other options like “make skatter group” will work, it will loose the host when you copy it. We dont have any option to relink a lost host, otherwise i was a simple fix.

I hope when a new version is released that will be added

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If you temporarily disable “Render Only”, and generate the setup in the model, this will give you a group that you can copy from one file to the other.
Then right-click on the group and “Edit Skatter Group”. Skatter will complain that it can’t find the host, simply pick the new host in the Hosts list.

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I came across this subject as I’m facing the same issue. I’m working on very large and complex skatters, and generating the groups is absolutely not an option (thousands of grass elements for example).

Is there no other way to share skatters setups between scenes (apart from saving them as library elements) ?

I’m afraid not. This is something we plan to improve in v2.

What if you temporarily change the host to a really small surface?

Thanks Thomas,

Your method works, but it rather limited as it does not take into account painted areas or hand placed skatters.

Waiting for improvements in V2.