Crashes every time-computer?

Trying to love the program.
Sketchup 2018, windows 7, Dell Precision T1700, 32mb ram, Nvidia Quadro K620, Xeon CPU E3-1241 v3 @ 3.5ghz, 64bit
Even simplest of textures crashes this program. 20’x20’ area with 25 trees can crash program. Grass will not show at all. I’ve crashed the computer 12 times in an hour trying to get previews. Is it the computer? Seems like simple trees and plants shouldn’t be so taxing and locking it up.
Using demo right now.

thanks, Philip

What do you mean by crash exactly?

  1. SketchUp closes and a “Bugsplat” window appears
  2. SketchUp freezes and stay unresponsive forever
  3. The computer shuts down