Custom Skatter proxy and will it make any change?

Have a good day guys,

Most of the time using your product is amazing. Recently, I’ve been thinking a little more deeply about any solution for escape performance.
We know that the specific type of enscape proxy (linked proxy) only helps the CAD performance in Sketchup modeling while enscape needs a lot of time to start due to importing information from full geometry file. It doesn’t work really well with heavy assets like plants from Globe Plant and Max tree as I have to admit with my case, but it’s the only good solution I know to take advantage of the external resource besides enscape custom asset.
When coming to enscape custom asset, it’s downside is not being able to import too detailed asset due to among 20k meshes limit, but somehow it doesn’t make the enscape booting time much horrible. So I’m thinking if any chance Skatter proxy could be a similar solution for enscape better performance and do you guys think it’s possible to offer the function to make Skatter custom proxy?

We are currently working on Transmutr v2, and are hopeful that it will be able to generate native Enscape Custom Assets (.gltf), instead of Linked Models (.skp).

There is no guarantee, but we think it’s doable.

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That’s even a better strategy IMO. Whatever It might be that can solve the performance issues, that’s gonna be a win I believe.
Good job as always, guys, and good luck with your plans.

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