Daan Beugels - Kaartse Bossen

Very well done! For me the most impressive is the quality of your people insertion though everything else is simple and very well done too. Congratulations!

JQL you’re totally right, I try to keep it simple and clean as well in model as material wise.
I try to give extra attention to the people insertion by the right amount of burn and dodge (in ps) to match the sunlight.
Thanks JQL for your great comment!!!

Looking good… I would try to work more on making the grass look more varied though.

Thanks Ronen! I like the basic cut grass look, but i know it doesn’t represent the reality with its irregularities.
Still need to experiment with many of the vegetation to create more depth.
btw Skatter works great!!! Many hours of making “realistic” grass on big patches is now a matter of minutes…

Try to make the shade of the people the same cool color as the shade from the render.

Nice colors and good lighting! like that minimal setup a lot

indeed, more blue-ish… will keep it in mind for the future projects! Thanks Rombout!

beautiful Daan, impressive work! which render engine yo use it? vray?

Thank you! it is v-ray yes!