Deleting a Skatter Setup

…or whatever the term is under the “Render List” tab.

I have checked Skatter 1 under the Render List tab…select the “-” symbol to delete…it asks "So you really want to delete the selected Skatter setup(s)?"
I choose OK and it is still there.

Is this how it is supposed to work and does it clear the skatter setup or is it not deleting properly?

The reason I ask is that my current model has 6 Skatter setups…I only want #6 to show up, finally realized that it was displaying all of them.
I have currently had an issue with loading the file and have diagnosed the problem to possibly be Skatter.
The file will load with ease on any other machine but mine…main difference is that mine has Skatter and Thea loaded.
I was thinking that it was taking a long time to load (Unresponsive) due to loading all 6 Skatter setups and thought that if I was able to delete the other 5 setups it might not hang up when loading the file.

Any help is appreciated.


In the Render List, the checkboxes are used to set the visibility of the setup.
If the checkbox is ticked, the setup is visibile. If unticked, the setup is invisible.

To delete a setup, click on it in the list, it’ll turn blue, then click on the (-) icon.

Is the setup supposed to go away when you click on the (-) icon or does it stay there?

Would post a screen shot, but currently the drawing file says (Not Responding) because I had a crash and I am trying to get it back up and running.

Yes it is supposed to go away.

Note that you can delete multiple setups at once by highlighting all of them in the list before clicking the delete icon.

I attempted to delete 1-5, but none went away. They are still on the list. Could this be a bug?

Have you had anyone report long load time or “Not Responding” during opening a file containing a large Skatter setup?


I finally got it to load.
I have a machine that is running the Demo version of Skatter and Thea and a clean copy of SketchUp 2015…it is only pulling 589,292k memory usage with this model. (I guess with the Demo version of Skatter it doesn’t render the scene with a demo of Thea…because it doesn’t).
The machine that I have been rendering with finally pulled up the model after an hour of loading and it is pulling 5,573,180K memory usage for the same model. It is running a licensed version of Skatter though.

Would multiple Skatter Setups cause something like this?

I tried deleting 1-5 Skatter setups individually and all at once and it always asks me if I am sure I want to do this, but they still remain on the list.

Any ideas on either of these issues?

So…it crashed as soon as I clicked the Thea Render camera to start a render…

Your “Upload Image” isn’t working.

Here are a couple shots to show the model I am working on that is having issues…

Snap! I just realized what I was doing wrong…I was clicking the box, not selecting the actual text!

Was able to delete 5 of the setups…will purge and check the file again.

…aaaand it Bugsplatted again.

I’m going to abandon that model and go back to an earlier model…will check back in if it starts happening to that model.

Still unsure if it is Skatter or something else that is causing crashes.

I just recorded that gif :
But I see you’ve found how to properly do this :wink:

As for the crash, it’s hard to say. It seems to be related to Thea, not Skatter, as it happens when you start the render.
Maybe Thea runs out of RAM?
Anyway, you should check with Solid Iris.

Also, with big models like this, I’d recommand to use the Camera features of Skatter to limit the number of scattered objects :

Thanks for the suggestions. I was getting ready to post to Thea’s forum, but finally decided to give up on the model that was giving me so much grief and am in “salvage mode” to meet my deadline. The basic difference between the two was that I moved the road and had to reset the Skatter for the grass again.

I do feel better knowing I can delete all the Skatter Setups that aren’t being used so I can keep the file as clean as possible.

I’m looking forward to checking out the other features in Skatter, just came across it the other day when finalizing this design and it does exactly what I need it to out of the box for this model.