density obj/m² ?

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May '20

In your Skatter I need to work with density of obj/m² instead of obj/mm² to which my SketchUp is set up. Is it possible while keeping my SketchUp settings of obj/mm² customize Skatter settings to obj/m² or any other settings I choose?
Most of the time I work in millimeters and it is most inconvenient for me to switch to meters or any other units I may choose every time I use the Skatter.

Hi @allping,

You should be able to input a value with a unit and it will be converted to the unit specified in SketchUp’s setting.
For instance, if you’re working in meters but you type “100mm”, it should convert the value to “0.1”.

As I’m testing this, it seems that it’s not working as expected. So this feature request is more of a bug report! We’ll fix this for the next version that should release soon (hopefully this week).

SketchUp has three unit settings: length, area, and volume.
You can set the Length Unit to mm, and the Area Unit to m².
Skatter will use the Area Unit setting for the density.

I guess given the name of the plugin this makes sense since most of the time you are filling an area. However, there are times when we want to distribute items along a line. It would be great if there was a way to specify the way thing are to be distributed like area or line and distance, number or volume. So for density first select either area. If you select area it would work like the current method. If you select line (or some other term) you would have options for specifying the number of objects or the distance between the objects and they would use the length of the “line” to place the objects. If you look at my thread Place objects in a straight line I think you will see the issues I am trying to point out. :slight_smile: