Different distribution type in one skatter group

Hi dear!
I have idea to get switch for every scattered object to choose DISTRIBUTION. Now we can choose scale and Probability but not Distribution parameter so we need several groupes for different plantings on same host. If we could to select host and scatter Trees at points, shrubs at area and flowers along borders-that will be cool! … in one scatter group! =))). With offset feature ( for along border planting) it should be BOMB!

This would overly complicate the user-interface.
Why can’t you just use multiple Skatter setups?

Sure, it is possible to have several setups. But not optimal. Why do You think it will overly complicate interface? Now we have the same, but distribution option does not depends on selected SCATTERED OBJECTS. If distribution options could be manage apart for every SCATTERED OBJECTS - interface will not chenge. But it is easier to manage or save 1 item with complex planting.

with several scatter setup we have overly complicated structure in scene compare to one group for one area.