Dining room overlooking wheat field


I wanted to experiment with a restricted material pallette. I used grass proxies to create the wheat field through the window with Skatter.


I love the soft lighting and general color tones, great job!


this is lovely. great tone and composition.


Agreed. Minimalist, yet warm and cozy and that view is perfect for this scene. Bravo.


I would love to see a making of for this…settings, textures, lighting…the works. It’s the simple images that often require the most skill and intention.


It doesn’t look like yours Frank it looks more like Aires Mateus… Anyway nice to see you dropping those curvy shapes and go back to basics! :grinning:


Ah, you found what inspired me to create this image. It’s definitely far from something you’d expect Gehry to do, but I thought interpreting this photo would be good practice.


Sweet colors! Whats engine used for rendering?




thanks, it looks wonderful


Here’s an updated image at a higher resolution.


I’d like to try and succeed at getting this look with Thea. Light rooms are my weakness…


Very epic look, i digg the cleaness of the render. Interior are a hell :slight_smile: