Doing some more work, Caribbean setting

FInale had a small test project to work with skatter more. The power is really great and i found some things i would like to add to skatter.
The model of the house is not finished but is coming slowly.
The image straight from Thea Render looked already great. I just did some minor color adjustments and levels/exposure in photoshop

Test render

Did a test doing a night/dawn shot, came out quite nice

Night/dawn shot

Pretty cool!


Here’s a shot of the backview
Night/dawn 2

Here’s a shot of the back in day time, couldnt use the same HDR cause i didnt like the lighting and the sun needed to be aligned. This is physical sky with backdrop.

Still need to do a lot of work on that garden and im looking for insipration.

Daytime backside garden

What tropical tree package did you use…?

Its a mix of mediterranean fan palm, foxtail palms, ferns, cat palm and some long grass and plumeria rubra tree