Download Failed - Request Status 4

Hey There,
I am trying to download Skatter V2 contents from 3Dbazaar but keep gettin this msg:
"Download Failed - Request Status 4"

how can i fix it?

Does it happen with a particular asset from the marketplace, or does it happen with all of them?

Do you have the Ruby Console open? It can cause issues with download (for some reason…)

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Hey @Thomas it happend with all the skatter V2 content…
Ruby console wasnt open.
Right now i can download from the same pc without errors but i have disabled Skatter V2
and downloading from the seperate 3dBazzar extension

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So it works when Skatter is disabled, but doesn’t work when Skatter is enabled?

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Hey Thomas
I’m sorry for the delay
it works great with su 2022

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