Enscape proxy not showing up

I imported an obj, from a recent project, reduced it by 50% and saved as an Enscape proxy. I opened the proxy and full geometry export from Transmutr, the full geometry shows up in Enscape but the Enscape Proxy does not, also the geometry is messed up, missing faces.

Can you send us the source model as well as the generated files?
You can use Wetransfer for example. Please send to [email protected]


Sent it, please do not share, asset from this TV show (not released yet) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h3_kJ_71uw

Thanks. The Enscape proxy works for me. Can you send me the *.skp files generated by Transmutr?

I added it to the folder

So, just to clarify:

  • You transmuted the file to “C:\Users\pete\Documents”
  • You dragged&dropped “homelander test.skp” in a blank model
  • You started an Enscape render

Are my assumptions correct?

Did you move the file away from “C:\Users\pete\Documents”?
Did you open “homelander test.skp” directly, instead of importing it to a another model?

Sorry for delayed response.

I originally dragged and dropped it into SU and it never showed up in Enscape window, however when I imported it, it did work.