Enscape - Relative Path Bug

I think there is a slight bug when transmuting Enscape proxies. Even if transmutr is set to produce relative texture paths the source flag in the material xml is still set to absolute (while the actual path has correct relative formatting):


The material type is Transluscent.

Are relative paths a thing now in Enscape?

Well, I’m really the wrong person to ask since I’m not really familiar with Enscape. With that said I did note the following:

The transmutr export with relative path setting did not work because the source flag says it’s an absolute path while the actual path is relative.

When I manually changed to:


It did render just fine.

I just fixed it. It will be available in the next version.

But from the tests I made, it seems that only the diffuse path is supported as a relative path. Other maps are ditched.

Ok, so after some further testing I realized that I was completely wrong.

By changing the xml to:


the material xml becomes semantically invalid (from enscapes point of view) and Enscape discards the xml and use the plain Sketchup material which contains the texture. Thus, it was an illusion, it never really worked!.

Good catch!
I’ll let the fix in the next version of Transmutr, so that this will work when Enscape actually supports relative paths.