Error: All the license seats are currently in use

Hello there, I have an artist license. One key is in my computer at home and one at the office. This morning when I tried to use my home computer I opened transmutr, updated to 1.2.0 version and once it was ready, it asked for the license key again. When I paste the license I received in my purchase I get this message:

All the license seats are currently in use

I can’t get to solve this, please help!

Please send an email to [email protected] with your license key.

@Thomas … i am facing a similar problem and have sent email to [email protected] as adviced in your post above.
please check. thanks!
Jenu Jacob

Boa Noite.

Estou com o mesmo problema com a ativação do Transmutr. Já reportei o erro por E-mail. Aguardo resposta da vossa parte. Obrigado.
Com os melhores cumprimentos.
Rui Barbosa.

I had the same problem, but my computer was completely damaged and could not be started.

Same thing here I need to free a seat for skatter and one for transmutr.

Please send an email to [email protected]