Error: "Cannot export file. ReferenceError: Path is not defined"

Hi there,

when I want to transmutr a plant from Quixel Bridge I get this error:

“Cannot export file. ReferenceError: Path is not defined”

Translucency Error?

What’s wrong?


Frank (from Germany)

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hi there,

i have the same problem - but it looks like it is only related to models with different variations - grass for example…

when importing a boulder for example things work!


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@Dante_1000 @ausserstorferbildsta
We can reproduce that issue and we found a solution. We’ll release a new version soon (hopefully this week).
Thanks for the bug report!

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Hi there, Just wondering if this has been resolved, i also came across this issue and was about to send a message :slight_smile:

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well, super :slight_smile:

what else can be said

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Has this been resolved?

Can transmutr actually export multiple variations at once or do you have to import the different LOD files individually from Bridge?

Merwan is currently away from office. He will be back next week.

The patched version has not been released yet but we’re working on it.

Please take a look at this topic: quixel bridge - megascans: Pick LOD

This issue should now be fixed in [Release] Transmutr 1.2.9