quixel bridge - megascans: Pick LOD

hi there,

where could i find the setting to define which LOD i want to be exported?

best, bsfranza

Hi @ausserstorferbildsta

Currently, you cannot pick a specific LOD in Transmutr.

You can pick a model variant from Transmutr (but not a LOD):

As we’re working on the next version of Transmutr at the moment, we’ll discuss if we can make this possible.

In the meantime, you could try to pick the LOD on Megascans’ side:

  • Go to the export settings
  • Pick another LOD (Transmutr will import a single one)

so the standard for now is that from wich lods i activated, transmutr always “picks” the most high res variant availeable from the export?

What happens is that Transmutr picks up the first LOD sent by Megascans but I cannot confirm if it will be the most high res, the least high res, or a random one. So it might be safer to precisely select the LOD you are interested in.

ok - thx for the info

I confirm that for the next version of Transmutr, we’ll make it easier to pick a LOD (and possibly to preview it in Transmutr).

good news!

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