Error: negative string size (or size too big)


I have purchased 3d Bazaar assets from your app, but I cannot download most of the assets. So I cannot use them.

For example I am try to download the “Chionochloa Rubra- Red Tussock grass” as a proxy. Download starts, it stops at 100% “download packages > Dowloaded failed. Error: negative string size (or size too big)

Any help?

I am on Sketchup 2018.

Thank you,

Hi @lumaluma
That’s very strange, sorry for the inconvenience.
We’ll investigate this asap.

In the meantime, does it work when you download your models from the online version? LINK

this another error I receive dowloadng the Arrhenatherum Elatius - False Oat-Grass…:
download packages > Extraction failed. Error: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - C:/Users/***/Documents/3DBazaar/Downloads/pa/Arrhenatherum-Elatius-False-Oat-Grass-Tall-Oat-Grass-Tall-Meadow-Oat-Onion-Couch-Tuber-Oat-Grass_9ydpqvh1v13_1_proxy/Arrhenatherum-Elatius-False-Oat-Grass-Tall-Oat-Grass-Tall-Meadow-Oat-Onion-Couch-Tuber-Oat-Grass_9ydpqvh1v13_1_proxy.bazaar

Thanks for the replay, now I will try!

Hi @merwan,
from the online version I can download it (bit slow - 1,5 MB/Sec) and it works! Thanks!

Great! We’ll investigate why it doesn’t work well in the extension.

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I have sent an email some time ago to “[email protected]”, it can be deleted :slight_smile: