error when launch transmutr from sketchup


I’ve got this error message when opening transmutr from sketchup


After accepting error message, Transmutr works fine and converts everything to skp file, but doesn’t insert automatically components converted into sketchup active model.

Transmutr release 1.0.6
Sketchup 2019

Can you help me?


Hi @pabloarias,

Does this happen every time you use Transmutr? Even after restarting your computer?

If so, you can try:

  1. to temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall (they sometimes block the communication between programs)

  2. to change the communication port used by Transmutr (it might be used by another program). To do so in SketchUp, go to “Extensions > Transmutr > Settings…” and slightly increase or decrease the value.