Error with ply2vrmesh.exe?

Im getting this error in 1.0.1 and ive not seen it before. Any thoughts?

“ply2vrmesh.exe can’t be found, please set its path in the options. You can install the free demo of V-Ray for SketchUp to get ply2vrmesh.exe”

Hi @Ted_Vitale, that’s strange.

  • When does the error happen? (starting Transmutr? Loading model? Exporting?)
  • Do you export V-ray proxies?
  • Do you have a V-ray product installed on your computer? (so that Transmutr can find the “ply2vrmesh” conversion tool)
  • Have you changed something in the settings recently?

Same problem here. Did not change any settings.
Happens when trying export as vray proxy.


Exporting the model after the 1.0.1 install

I fixed the error by manually linking to the ply2vrmesh.exe file location through the settings. Now everything exports properly.

Does this happen after clicking on the “New” button?
If so, this will be fixed in the next version.

It might, ill have to check.

I also had this issue. You just have to go to the settings in Transmutr and repath the ply2vrmesh. This might have been something that happened with the latest VRay hotfix.

C:\Program Files\Chaos Group\V-Ray\V-Ray for SketchUp\extension\tools

The fact that the error appears after clicking on “New” will be fixed in the next version.