Explode hierarchy for better edge count reduction

Bravo for version 1.28 and the addition of the description!

I often generate plants with a hierarchy, branches, flowers, leaves and each on several levels of nesting up to the unitary component leaves version 1 to …, flowers version 1 to …
Would it be possible to have an option to explode the hierarchy in order to optimize the reduction of the number of edges, because currently the reduction is confined to the lowest level of nestings. And finally the gain is sometimes meager!

An interesting option to develop, it seems to me, would be the more intensive reduction of non-visible areas. Still in the example of a tree, the outer leaves would be almost intact and the inner leaves would be significantly simplified, the same for the branches.

A combination of the two would be a sphere with diameter as an option. Sphere inside which all hierarchies would be recursively flattened according to another parameter with a simplification factor of its own.

What do you think ? Is it possible ?

Congratulations again to the team!
Thank you

That could be feasible, we will discuss it.

That is beyond the scope of Transmutr. We want to keep things rather simple, so we will most likely not do something like that.
We have plans to allow setting the simplification level per mesh. So in a future version, if you group your mesh according to how you want to simplify them, that would be possible.