Exploded Components fixed?

SketchUp version : 2018
Vray Version: 3.60.04
Skatter version** 1.4.6
OS : windows 7
Description of the issue :
Components being exploded when render only…

I’ve seen this problem posted before but it seems to be a pretty critical problem… Is the only real work around to explode all the interior components? My high poly trees go from 600kb to 100mb once fully exploded and really cramp my model. I could remove the render only but then I can’t use skatter to modify the parameters of the components once they’ve been regenerated.

Any help?

Could you send me the file? [email protected]

Also, can you point me to the previous posts talking about this issue?

This is the previous post with this issue:

I just emailed you the example file.


Ok so, as stated in the other thread, this is clearly an issue in V-Ray itself, as it render fine in Thea and other rendering engines.
Can you contact Chaos Group directly? Maybe post on their forums, they are usually quite responsive there. Make sure to include the file, I’m sure it will be useful to them.