Export error

I’m reporting an error from my a fellow community member on facebook.
The file comes into transmutr without materials (as expected for some files)

but after importing the materials, there’s an error when exporting, and this message pops up

Hi @thegentleminh and thanks for the report!

When you say that you import the material, what are the exact steps?

Can you send us the model to [email protected] so that we can investigate?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately this was reported by another user on Facebook, so I don’t have the model. But I think he just replaced the materials in the materials tab and transmute it.

Hi @thegentleminh, no worries :slight_smile:

If you are ever contacted by this user again, don’t hesitate to tell him to directly send us the model. It’s always good to be able to reproduce such bugs.