Export to Octane Studio

Hello! I have a very simple one; I would like to export scatter geometry to octane standalone, by as octane standalone manual suggests exporting a CSV file to use with the octane scatter node. When I have the “scatter” selected in sketchup and I hit the “Export to Octane Studio” button at the bottom and then the red export button, nothing happens, I have done a file search of my computer and it hasn’t generated a CSV file. What am I doing wrong? No doubt its something very simple that I haven’t learnt with using the scatter plugin yet, but I can’t seem to find guidance on it. Thank you very much in advance anyone who can help me with this!! :grinning:


Please try this:

  • Close Skatter
  • Open the Ruby Console from the Window menu, and leave it open
  • Reopen Skatter and try to export your Skatter setup
  • Tell me what appears in the Ruby Console


Same problem…
Sketchup 2020
OS X Big Sur
Octane X

Can you try this version? https://files.getskatter.com/skatter_1.4.21_setup.pkg