Exterior house with Skatter

Here’s a exterior image I made with SketchUp, Skatter and Thea with some post pro in Photoshop.
Skatter was used for grass and bushes.
Original render was 5000 pixels wide.

Really nice, what sort of render time did it take?

I don’t know how well you know Thea render but it has several different render engines to choose from. This was rendered with Presto AO that uses both the CPU and the GPU.
It was rendered with bucket mode to keep everything in memory with a sample limit set to 256 samples/pixel.
That was perhaps a little to high for this scene and it took a little more that 2 hours with a resolution of 5000 pixels wide on one PC with a Titan GPU.

Looks really good. Are those Xfrog Trees? They look pretty nice and lively

It’s a Evermotion tree. I added some slight color variation in Photoshop.

That’s a quick render for the quality, size and complexity.