Extraction process encountered a critical error: exec failed

Hi @Thomas and @merwan. Great new addition to the lineup. And while not wanting to piggyback on another thread, I can’t seem to start a new topic and am curious as to this message I’m receiving specific to importing local assets (in this case from Megascans): ‘Extraction process encountered a critical error: exec failed’ - Some assets render and some don’t although maybe it’s a problem with the asset itself. Any tips appreciated.

Hi @erics,

Quite strange. We’ll investigate why you cannot create posts.
In the meantime, I moved your post to its own topic.

Thanks for the bug report!

This error indicates that the process that reads your local skp files to retrieve metadata (name, size, thumbnails, etc…) has troubles dealing with the file.

It should not prevent you from importing the file into SketchUp. However, 3D Bazaar is unable to show you those details in its interface.

Can you confirm if this happens only for some models or for all models?

Hi Merwan. It seems to be giving me that error message on everything even though it seems to render ok. Here I tried both with a Megascans grass (I originally used Transmutr to create the SU file of it) and again on a VizPark tree. Some of my Megascans assets weren’t rendering which is why I though there may be a problem with the Import process, but upon further investigation, I realized that opening up those problem MS assets on their own outside of Bazaar browser, they failed to render as well. Not sure if there is a problem or not but figured I’d let you know to be on the safe side.

Ok thanks for the info. That’s very helpful!

I added this issue to our bug tracker and we’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

Also, there’s a log file in Library > Application Support > 3DBazaar > 3DBazaar.log that might contain useful information to understand what happens. Could you send it to [email protected]?

Sent. thx…looking forward to using Bazaar more and for future updates.

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Hi @erics
Could you tell us if this issue still occurs for you with the latest version of 3D Bazaar? (beta6)