Face Skipping proxy method - leaves edges intact

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that when I opt to create a proxy using the Face Skipping method, when I import the resultant file all the original edges are intact still. This makes any file I import them into very slow, and essentially voids the purpose of proxy creation.

If I hide edges, it works fine (just the actual faces I exported remain), but this isn’t really practical. Hoping this is just user error :slight_smile:

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Hi Eliot,

I’ve seen that only on a SketchUp file with Soften edges. For some reason, the SketchUp SDK used in Transmutr does not delete edges that are soften (but not smoothed).
Can you send me the original file (before importing it in Transmutr) so that I can check that’s the same issue?

I have not had time to fix this issue yet, but it is on our todo list.

Actually, I just checked, and it’s edges that are smoothed but not soften.
When clicking on one of the edges, do you see that in the Entity Info window?

:black_square_button: Soft
:white_check_mark: Smooth
:black_square_button: Visible

Hi Thomas. When I click on an edge, go to entity info - no boxes are checked.

I should add, some edges from the original model do not show - such as the stems, but not leaves.

This is a Maxtree .FBX, if it makes any difference?

So you are importing a .fbx file in Transmutr?
Can you send me the file to [email protected]?

I am. I’ll try send the file tomorrow. I’ve since opted for the optimised faces method now anyway, but I suppose it will be good to fix this too!