Failed renaming of log file

I got the following error:
“Cannot load file: an error occurred while logging: an error occurred while logging: rotating_file_sink:failed renaming C:/Users/BFreeman/AppData/Roaming/Transmutr/Transmutr.log to C:/Users/BFreeman/AppData/Roaming/Transmutr/Transmutr.1.log: permission denied”
This happened after about a dozen individual conversions of different .obj files to Sketchup. When I attempted to drop the Tree_03.obj file I was working with, the program seemed to stall and not load. After a while I closed it out, intending to restart and try again… but I get this error now.

Can you try to delete those Transmutr.log and Transmutr.1.log files when Transmutr is not started to see if this solves the issue?

Hi Merwan,
That did the trick. One of the logs was 10MB (I had been doing a lot of plant conversions). Perhaps that was part of the issue?
Either way, it’s working alright now.

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