Failed to save document


Any help would be appreciated on this issue. I’ve downloaded a model from turbosquid and converted it with transmutr and it all went good. Then i placed the model in my sketchup file and since then when i try saving the model an error comes up: “Failed to save document”.

You can download the file from:

Tried importing it to different sketchup files and it always causes the failed to save document issue when i hit save.

I’m using sketchup 2017

Will try to convert it from fbx and play around with older versions of sketchup to see if that helps at all.

Forgot to attach the link:

HI @levente,

Thanks for the report and for the model :slight_smile:
We’ll investigate the issue and let you know soon when we have more information.

Thanks for the reply.

Some further details:
It happens with every model i try to transmute unfortunately…

Workaround i found is that i open the transmuted model in a new sketchup file, texture it up etc. and then export a vray proxy of it. Then use that vray proxy in the scene i need.

I was able to reproduce the issue in SketchUp 2017. We will try to fix it, but please note that it doesn’t happen in SketchUp 2018 and 2019. So if you can upgrade, please do so.

I am also very interested in seeing the SU2017 bugsplat/‘unable to save file’ issue looked into. I am really looking forward to using this plugin to its full potential, but sometimes I need to use a file on a computer with only 2017, or work with people who are only using 2017, so it makes it difficult to use any transmuted objects in a file knowing that it will be unable to save on SU2017.


This issue has been fixed in v1.0.3: [Release] 1.0.3 (hotfix)

That’s great news and thank you very much!